Elevate Tax + Accounting


You’ve probably ended up here as you’ve spent wayyy too many hours on google trying to wrap your brain around tax, gst, payg instalments, FBT, single touch payroll – trying to work out what the hell you need to do. Trust us, it’s much better to get it done correctly from the start by the people who can do it with their eyes closed. It will save you so much money down the track and you can spend your time doing better things. We’ll help you make sense of it all and tell you exactly how it applies to you and what you need to do and you can let us take care of the tricky stuff.


Many accountants offer a compliance focused service which means that they help you ensure your tax is correct, you can substantiate your deductions, have declared all of your income and lodged everything on time. We do all of the normal accountant stuff but we also provide more than this and look at ways to legally save tax, do things more efficiently and improve your business and finances.

We offer a modern, convenient service with checklists, templates and can provide all of our services online via zoom, phone or email correspondence as well as offering in-office appointments if you are local and prefer to come in for a coffee and chat with us face-to-face.

All of our services our fixed fee quoted up front and everything is tax deductible - winning! We offer a fee from refund service too for an extra $30 if you prefer to buy now, pay later.


Small Business
Tax Returns

Need your business taxes sorted? We’ll get it done efficiently whilst ensuring you understand your finances and know what you can be doing better going forward. Complete our enquiry form and we can send you a list of what we need and give you a fixed price quote before we proceed. Starting at $350 and monthly packages also available.

+ Payroll

No fluffing around here, we use the latest technology and automation to get it sorted for you fast allowing us to focus on getting it right the first time and making sure your numbers make sense to you. There are ‘bookkeepers’ and there are ‘strategic bookkeepers’, we are the latter and we do things the modern and efficient way. Anyone can do data entry but turning that data into valuable information that helps you run your business better is kinda our thing. Starting at $85ph and monthly packages available.

Tax returns

We find there are two types of people when it comes to tax time; they either love it or hate it. We treat every return like we are doing are own; always looking at ways to legally get the best possible result for each and every client. Not a fan of the old tax return? Well you’re in the right hands, we’ll make the process hassle-free. We have industry specific checklists to ensure no deduction is missed and leave knowing how you can save tax and keep better records going forward. Book now our simple online system or give us a call on (08) 9721 5725 and we can help you get it sorted.

New Business

We know how overwhelming it is starting a business, there’s so much that you need to learn and juggle. Do you feel like you have no idea about the tax and back end side of things? Worried that you’ve left things too long or missed the important deadlines? Over trying to interpret complex accounting jargon on google and just want answers? Then you are like 99% of our new business clients! Our 20 minute ‘pick our brain’ consults are a godsend to any new business owner who just wants to know what they need to know in the shortest possible time. We map out a plan to get you on track and let you focus on the important stuff. If you need help picking a business structure, setting it up and registering for an ABN/TFN/GST/PAYG we can sort this too.

Small Business
Accounting + Advice

Business is going well; you’re bringing in $$ but where the hell is it going? Sound familiar? We can help you get to know your numbers and sort that all important cash-flow out. We listen to your problems and provide simple yet effective solutions. Tax minimisation strategies, understanding your break-even point, increasing your gross profit margins, seeing how you compare against other businesses in your industry and setting up budgets and KPIs and monitoring them often to keep you on track to achieving all of your big, audacious goals. We do all of this and more. Adhoc or ongoing, we’re here to help you run your business better and feel in control of your finances.

Xero Setups
+ Training

Do you want your business to do well? Then let us get straight to it, you need Xero. We see so many businesses invest big $$ into advertising, ordering stock, coaching and more but are basing these important business purchases on their gut and a messy excel spreadsheet. What you can measure, you can manage and xero makes it easy to do this whilst giving you time back to do more important things than try to fix excel formulas. Like any tool, it only works if you use it correctly… insert us, Xero Gold partners who will organise and automate the shiz out of your record keeping and give you an easy to follow process or training on what you need to know. Xero Setups start at $375 and training/clean ups start at $120ph


  1. Enquire – Email us, book online or fill out our contact form to get started
  2. Send through your info We’ll send you a list of what we need and review the information provided to send through a fixed fee quote so there are no surprises.
  3. Job in – On acceptance of the quote, we’ll schedule your work into our system and let you know if we need anything else to get started. If not, we’ll schedule your work in to our system and give you an ETA of completion.
  4. Appointment: Want an appointment? We can lock this in for you now also in-office or via phone/zoom.
  5. Job Completion – Done and done. We’ll send through all of this in an email or run through it all at our appointment.