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If you want a friend, that also happens to be really good at all things tax, accounting and small business – then HELLO we’re so glad you found us! 



Meet Shan, our fearless leader with a heart of gold and a head for numbers. She’s on a mission to make finance less daunting and more empowering for small businesses and individuals alike.

In a world where the next generation craves something different from their accountant, Shan is the answer. She’s not your typical number-cruncher; she’s relatable, approachable, and downright friendly. With Shan, you’ll never feel lost in financial jargon—she’ll explain things in ways that actually make sense and leave you feeling more financially empowered than ever.

When she’s not wrangling numbers, Shan’s a FIFO wife and mum to two energetic boys. You can catch her sharing her financial wisdom on Instagram (unless it’s busy tax time, of course!). With a community of over 20,000 followers, she’s dedicated to helping them navigate the ins and outs of tax, finance, and business.

Shan’s not just confined to the office; you’ll often find her lending her expertise to podcasts, webinars, and magazine articles, spreading the gospel of financial literacy far and wide.

Armed with over a decade of industry experience, a Bachelor of Commerce, a Diploma of Accounting, and a slew of professional credentials, including being a Registered Tax Agent and an ASIC agent, Shan is more than equipped to tackle any financial challenge that comes her way. 

So whether you’re a small business owner or an individual looking to take control of your finances, Shan is here to guide you every step of the way. With her help, your financial goals are closer than you think.

practice manager


Introducing our very own ‘Elle of all Trades’ who can navigate Elevates services with her eyes closed. With over half a decade of experience on the team, she’s touched every corner of our business, from admin to bookkeeping and her favourite of all, tax. 

Elle’s not just into Xero; she practically breathes it. In fact, she’s so passionate about it that receiving a Xero shirt from Shannon for Christmas was like winning the lottery for her (no exaggeration). She’s all about breaking down tax jargon into plain speak, ensuring you’re not just pretending to understand but actually grasping the concept. Whether you need help with Tax Returns, mastering Xero, or simply want to start your journey with us through a discovery call, Elle’s your gal.

But wait, there’s more! Elle’s also knee-deep in the trenches of small business life, balancing three little ones at home and co-running a gyprocking biz with her partner, and can totally relate to the challenges of running a business firsthand.

bookkeeping manager



Kandice leads our bookkeeping team and loves helping our clients along the way. With a solid background in management, administration, and small business, she brings invaluable expertise to our operations.

When she’s not keeping our bookkeeping team in line, Kandice is running the show at home with her hubby and two young boys, proving that yes, you can have it all (with a bit of juggling and a lot of coffee).

Kandice thrives on turning chaos into order, ensuring your accounts are as neat and tidy as her household (most days!).



Ree manages our client workflow, invoicing and lodgements in the office.

She’s the mastermind making our social media so fetch, you’ll be double-tapping in no time.

Even though Ree’s not crunching numbers as an accountant, she is passionate about our indsutry helping clients master their finances and has a secret dream to one day join the mathletes. 

Outside of the office, she swaps her ‘regular’ hat for her ‘cool mom’ hat, spending time with her sassy 7 year old daughter or at the gym, hitting it like it owes her money.

Need a hand or not sure who to talk to? Ree’s your go-to. She’s all about connecting you with the right person in the team to get the help you need, making sure you’re always in good hands.

And yes, Ree is that person who sprinkles ‘Mean Girls’ quotes around the office like confetti, and she totally made us include this bit in her bio.

New Clients

New Clients

New Clients



Meet Teah, the mischievous soul of our office. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you; she has a sense of humour that’s as playful as it is unexpected. You never know what cheeky drawing she’ll leave on your desk next!

Living her best life in Binningup with her Hubby and 3 kids, Teah’s the queen of balancing books and bedtime stories.

Got a shoebox full of receipts? Teah’s got your back. She’s all about helping out our tradies and anyone feeling a bit wary of jumping into new software. But don’t be fooled by her appreciation for the classics; she’s all about harnessing the power of tech and automation to ease your workload. And for those of you clinging to your spreadsheets like a safety blanket, Teah’s here to gently guide you into the modern age of accounting.

While she may have started her bookkeeping journey in her MYOB era, Teah gradually jumped on the Xero revolution and now absolutely slays that blue screen like a pro. 

administration assistant


Introducing Bianca, our multi-talented administration assistant who takes on more roles than you could count on both hands! With a playful smile, she’ll tell you her job is a colourful blend of admin, cleaner, personal assistant, expert ATO negotiator, go-to barista. Above all, Bianca thrives on her love for people, and relishes in her role as the bubbly first impression of our office. 

Diving headfirst into our busy office at the onset of tax season 2023, Bianca brought with her a wealth of experience from the insurance broking world.

Outside of keeping our office in pristine condition, Bianca is a devoted mum to Kelsie and Lachy. She’s the queen of clean, both at work and at home, making sure everything and everyone is in tip-top shape. With Bianca you’re always greeted with a smile and a space so tidy it’ll make you want to straighten your desk out too.

Bianca has a real passion for being helpful, always eager to lend a hand or go the extra mile to support our team and clients. It’s this helpful nature that makes her such a valued and beloved member of our office.